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Handgun Instructor

The following are school-specific requirements.

This school is our premier handgun instructor school. Students are taught classroom instructional methods, how to effectively teach firearm operator skills, and how to develop dynamic and practical range training relevant to their agency's needs. Drills on the range enforce skills in the areas of coaching, accurate shot placement, multiple threats, decision-making, shooting while moving, identifying threats and firing in reduced light, tactical use of cover, concealed-carry training, one-handed malfunction clearing, firing from unconventional positions, and use of verbal commands. Each student makes a classroom presentation and must demonstrate his or her understanding of the course content through a written exam and pass a shooting skills proficiency course. In addition to the above mentioned required equipment, the following is ALSO necessary for this school:

  • Back-up or off-duty firearm and equipment. May be a duty pistol or revolver. Holster may be IWB, ankle, paddle, fanny-pack, or other suitable concealed-carry holster. At least one magazine pouch and 3 magazines or speedloaders are required.
  • Cover garment for concealed-carry range exercises.
  • 800 rounds of duty or training handgun ammunition. 400 rounds of duty or training handgun ammunition (for off-duty pistol).
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Law Enforcement, Military, Security

The NRA Law Enforcement Division offers a complete police shooting program to police departments and law enforcement agencies to encourage patrol officers to gain more experience, training and time on the range using their duty firearms.