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Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Training

The National Rifle Association is committed to offering the best law enforcement firearms instructor training available. These schools are designed to train and prepare the law enforcement officer to become a firearm instructor. They are not shooting schools and are not designed to teach officers how to shoot. Students who attend our firearm instructor development schools are expected to have a basic knowledge of the law enforcement firearms used and be able to safely and accurately use them.

The NRA stands ready to assist you and your department with all of your firearm instructor needs. Our instructors consist of active and former police officers from around the country who are highly trained and well-respected professionals in the field.

Tuition Increase Announcement

NRA Law Enforcement must make a slight increase in Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor School tuition. Effective January 1, 2020, the tuition fee for all of the NRA Law Enforcement Firearm Instructor Schools will be $685.

We understand that any tuition increase can be difficult on officers and departments. However, our training tuition is still the best value in the industry, and our costs for conducting the schools have increased.

NRA Law Enforcement Division Established in 1960

Established in 1960

To provide the law enforcement community with a means to certify law enforcement firearms instructors.

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Over 57,000 Trained

The NRA currently has over 13,000 active, certified, law enforcement firearms instructors. 

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A Non-Profit Organization

Our programs are state-of-the-art, and cost significantly less than those offered by other various training organizations.

Instructor Development Schools

Our commitment to the law enforcement community is to provide the highest quality, most up-to-date, cost effective, and comprehensive law enforcement firearms instructor training available. Our programs expose students to a broad base of techniques, tactics, teaching methodologies, and technical knowledge in order to develop the skills required to effectively perform his or her role as a firearm instructor at the agency and/or academy level.

Host Your Own School

We are currently accepting requests to sponsor NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Development Schools. The host is responsible for providing range and classroom facilities along with some other minor administrative duties. Additionally, the NRA will provide professional staff to conduct the school, student manuals, and all student handout materials including targets.

Please contact our staff for preliminary discussions and a host information package at (703) 267-1640 or email us at [email protected].

Additional Resources

Explore the firearm training resources and services available to law enforcement officers and members of the military.

Certification as an NRA Law Enforcement Firearm Instructor is not automatic. It must be applied for upon successfully completing an NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor school.

Our Law Enforcement Instructor Development Manuals are available on CD-ROM in Microsoft Word format. The manuals are also available in print through the Program Materials Center.

This award acknowledges a NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor who has gone above and beyond in their instruction and dedication.

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For more information about the Law Enforcement Division, call us at (703) 267-1640 or email [email protected].


Law Enforcement, Military, Security

The NRA Law Enforcement Division offers a complete police shooting program to police departments and law enforcement agencies to encourage patrol officers to gain more experience, training and time on the range using their duty firearms.