Modern Terrorist Trends
December 5, 2017
NRA Headquarters (Auditorium)
11250 Waples Mill Road
Fairfax, VA, 22030
Number Of Students:
Must be an active duty sworn law enforcement officer Credentials will be checked at the door.
Entry Deadline:
October 23, 2017

Pete Eliadis: Intelligence Consulting Partners, LLC.
Intelligence Consulting Partners, LLC.

Pete Eliadis, has over two decades as a law enforcement veteran, is founder and president of Intelligence Consulting Partners, LLC (ICP). ICP specializes in the next generation of training and educating communities, law enforcement, and the military in security related fields. He is a leading practitioner with extensive experience in developing, implementing, and overseeing response plans. Pete Eliadis is a recognized expert in the arena of Active Threat Mitigation and has developed and implemented a framework for future education and training on this topic. He uses pioneering concepts to integrate knowledge and collaboration of law enforcement, military and civilian partners with emerging tools and technologies. He is specialized in mentoring and preparing for the threat America faces from terrorism. Pete Eliadis is dedicated to the safety of communities, with special focus on civilian environments, ensuring that a prepared response is employed to protect communities and minimize injuries and casualties that can be caused by an Active Threat. He provides a unique blend of history, practical experience, and innovative solutions to provide the civilian community, law enforcement and the military with the necessary knowledge for developing and implementing a prepared response. Pete Eliadis is an international speaker and trainer who brings comprehensive command experience in various combative and intelligence fields. He is a distinguished scholar holding a Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Science degrees from Johns Hopkins University, as well as other degrees from the Naval Postgraduate School, Center for Homeland Defense and the University of St. Andrews, UK in Terrorism Studies. He is recognized as a certified trainer in a variety of subjects related to terrorism, nationally published in the arena of the Operations and Tactics, is on the International Association Chiefs of Police Board for Active Shooter responses and assists the United States State Departmentā€™s Anti- Terrorism Assistance Program with OCONUS operations.

Course will cover amongst other topics: Understanding Terrorism and Global Impact. The recruitment of terrorist from Western Culture. Terrorist weapons, trends and tactics. Case Study of the Paris Attack The future for domestic LE and terrorism

Certificates of attendance will be provided at the completion of the seminar.

Equipment Needed:
Note taking materials, (optional).

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