Law Enforcement Training

The Law Enforcement Division (LED) of the NRA was established in 1960 specifically to provide the law enforcement community with a means to certify law enforcement firearm instructors. Over the last 55 years, we have trained more than 58,000 law enforcement firearm instructors and currently have over 13,000 active certified instructors.

We are committed to offering the best in law enforcement and military firearm instructor training available. Our instructors consist of active and former police officers from around the country who are highly trained and well-respected professionals in the field.

Although the NRA's Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is involved in politics, the Law Enforcement Division does not get involved with political issues. Providing the best training possible to our law enforcement officers is our number one priority. We have only one goal in mind -- to provide every law enforcement officer in the country with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to WIN a lethal encounter!

The NRA is a non-profit organization, and as such, our programs cost significantly less than those offered by various other training organizations. We have spent a considerable amount of time and energy over the last several years revising and updating our current course curriculums. Our firearm instructor courses are state-of-the-art, and can be successfully defended in any court of competent jurisdiction, should the need arise. We stand ready to assist you and/or your department with all of your firearm instructor needs.



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